We greatly appreciate your interest in Animal Tales!

  • Our Mission:  to Educate, Entertain & Inspire
  • Our Belief:  “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand”
  • Founder is a professional Wildlife Biologist and former Curator at an AZA Accredited Zoo
  • Educational programs for nearly 700 Schools, Libraries & other Organizations annually
  • Over 1,000 individual live animal educational programs every year across 12 states!
  • New themed program each year featuring a variety of entirely new animals
  • Core Curriculum used in each program focusing on science, geography, world culture & conservation
  • Presenters are highly educated and experienced and will provide a safe learning experience



  • animal-underground
    Animal Underground

    Our Animal Underground program provides a fun but educational, interactive and safe learning experience that features 5 live animals from across the globe that hunt from above or hide from beneath. Live birds, reptiles and mammals…

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  • created_creatures
    Created Creatures

    Created Creatures was developed to provide Christian schools, churches and VBS the opportunity to have a live animal educational program with emphasis on God and His creation. Created Creatures utilizes the same theme and animals found…

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  • reptile_scale_ntails_03
    Reptile Scales & Tails

    This program is available year-round. For centuries, reptiles have intrigued and horrified people often due to simple misunderstanding. We will attempt to reverse these misunderstandings by bringing live reptile ambassadors to your location. The Reptile Scales & Tails program features…

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