Adam Brasher

Adam Brasher was born, raised, and spent most of his life in the Birmingham, Alabama area. He started working with animals at age 15 as a volunteer in the Education Department at the Birmingham Zoo. Just a couple years later, Adam was hired as a zookeeper in the Programs Department, where he spent two years caring for a variety of animals, as well as performing educational animal shows, demonstrations, and outreach programs. It was at the zoo that Adam gained both his passion for animals and his skills in teaching and presenting about them.

Adam currently lives in Auburn, Alabama, where he is working on his Bachelor of Science in Organismal Biology at Auburn University. When he’s not busy with classwork, Adam works with bird of prey rehabilitation at the Southeastern Raptor Center and does laboratory research on mitochondrial function and reproduction in mice. Adam is very excited to be joining the Animal Tales team, where he can utilize the skills he has learned and experience at the Birmingham Zoo to teach and inspire about God’s creation.