Programs Duration Price
45 - 50 minutes $350.00
45 - 50 minutes $350.00
Additional Programs at the same location on the same day*
--- $195.00 each
All-Day programming from open till close. Multiple assemblies or classroom programs.
ALL DAY $750.00
45 - 50 minutes $350.00
45 - 50 minutes $350.00
45 - 50 minutes $350.00
45 - 50 minutes $350.00
45+ minutes Starting at $175.00

*Although we will conduct programs for any audience size, we recommend audience sizes of not much more than 300 to ensure maximum crowd participation and educational learning experience.

Discounted program prices are available for schools, libraries and other organizations on limited budgets. Please call or e-mail for details.


Travel Costs – FREE in Most Areas!

Yellow: Within our free travel radius (no travel fees).
Blue: $100 Travel Fee [can be split with another organization(s) if program is scheduled on the same day or consecutive days].
If outside the map: Call us and we will make the travel fee reasonable!



No Deposit Required!
Cancellation Policy
At Animal Tales, we understand that “things happen”. There are no fees for cancelling a program at anytime; we just ask that you contact us at your earliest convenience and we will work with you to reschedule for a more convenient date.
Refund Policy
Our mission is to educate, entertain and inspire. If Animal Tales does not accomplish these goals we will gladly refund the price of the program for legitimate requests. We only ask that constructive criticism is provided in order to help us improve.
Animal Tales holds the right to alter Pricing, Cancellation Policy or Refund Policy at anytime.


Want to hear what other clients are saying?

  • "I do believe you are under priced for what you provide. The program was wonderful, and the presenter was great. We will definitely have you back. " - School Principal
  • "Your program is amazing and wonderful! It never gets old to watch and the presenter does an amazing job keeping everyone involved and entertained! The price is great considering the program you get! Definitely worth it! My husbands wants you all to come to his birthday! I will definently be seeing you all again! Thank you so much for the amazing birthday party!" - Parent 
  • animal-architects-02
    Animal Architects

    Architecture. Design. Excavating. Construction.
    All are performed on a regular basis in nature. Our 2017 Summer Reading and 2017-2018 School Assembly Program brings to your location Animal Architects!

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  • reptile_scale_ntails_03
    Reptile Scales & Tails

    This program is available year-round. For centuries, reptiles have intrigued and horrified people often due to simple misunderstanding. We will attempt to reverse these misunderstandings by bringing live reptile ambassadors to your location. Reptile, Scales & Tails program features…

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  • creepy-critters
    Creepy Critters

    Intended as a seasonal program centered around Fall Festivals and Halloween, Creepy Critters focuses on those less cuddly and icky creatures whose importance is often taken for granted. This program features arachnids, insects and snakes to illustrate that such undesirable critters serve an…

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