Animal Avengers

No Longer Available

Animal Superheroes? Animal Avengers will feature live, exotic wildlife from all over the world that possess very unique abilities. Enhanced adaptations for sight, sound, touch, strength and movement allow these animals to overcome impossible barriers. The audience will be asked to interact with the animals through “hands-on” volunteering, question & answer and crowd participation activities. All are guaranteed an up-close and personal experience.

From left to right: Von der Decken’s Horbill , Red Kangaroo, Egyptian Fruit Bat , African Crested Porcupine , Hog Island Boa Constrictor
*Actual animals used in the program may vary slightly from those shown based upon availability.


What Animal Tales will need for the Animal Avengers program: 
Table is appreciated but not absolutely necessary. Animal Tales will bring all needed items for the program. We want to make it easy on you!

Download the Animal Avengers Coloring templates:

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