Animal Tale Happy Birthday Parties

A Birthday Party to Remember


  • 6 live animals (choose from list below)
  • Any over 6 are available at $15 each
  • 45+ minute show
  • Special birthday gift for child
  • Birthday kid assists presenter with show
  • We come to your location
  • “Hands-on” participation for all
  • $75 for each additional 30min of “meet & greet”
  • 45” Plush Snakes available as party gifts at $3 each
img-plush45” Plush Snakes available as party gifts at $3 each

Party Package Includes Choice of 6 Below

*Not all animals may be available due to other programs or circumstances.

Birthday Party Price varies upon location – see map below:

$175 – Red
$200 – Gray
$225 – White
$250 – Green
$275 – Yellow
$300 – Orange
$325 – Pink
$350 – Purple
$450 – Blue
$call$ – Outside the map

Want to hear what other clients are saying?

Birthday Party Testimonials
  • "This was the BEST party that I had for any of my children. ALL of the guest are still talking about it! I will do this again in the future for sure! Thank you for such a wonderful time! Loved it!" - Parent
  • "Everything was FANTASTIC!!! My child said this was his best birthday party so far, and all the guests were pleased as well!! I have had many people ask how/where to book you guys and I am more than happy to tell them!! I highly recommend you guys to all :-) Thanks so much for your services and I look forward to booking a party again!!" - Parent
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