Created Creatures

The owners of Animal Tales are firm believers in Jesus Christ and His teachings. Due to respect for public school policies, we do not teach creation (nor evolution) in our school assembly and library programs. The Created Creatures program was developed to provide Christian schools and churches the opportunity to have a live animal educational program with emphasis on God and His creation. Created Creatures utilizes the same theme and animals found in other featured programs. Choose any of our programs – we will make it a Created Creatures program!


Because we conduct this program for different denominations, Created Creatures focuses strictly on arguments against evolution and supportive of creation. We do not teach or force doctrine or theology.

Choose Your Program:

Evolution – takes glory from God
God’s Perfect Design – evident in animals
The Curse – snakes are only cursed animal
Dinosaurs – when did they appear?
The Flood – fossil evident proof
Genetics – proof evolution can’t work
Theistic Evolution – can’t believe both
Fossils – how are they made?
Transitional Species – scientific lack thereof
Young Earth – How old is the earth?


Great for:
• Christian Schools
• Church Services
• Vacation Bible School
• Church Festivals
• Adult Programs
• Sunday School
• Special Events


Animal Tales Beliefs:

      • We believe in the 6 literal (24hr) Days of Creation
      • We believe in a young earth – biblically 6,000 years
      • We believe dinosaurs are a “beast of the field” therefore were created on Day 6
      • We acknowledge the lack of transitional species “missing links” in the fossil record
      • We believe in a cataclysmic world-wide flood that is evident in geology
      • We believe Darwinian Evolution is a theory not proven through experiment nor observation


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