Creepy Critters

Intended as a seasonal program centered around Fall Festivals and Halloween, Creepy Critters focuses on those less cuddly and icky creatures whose importance is often taken for granted. This program features arachnids, insects and snakes to illustrate that such undesirable critters serve an extremely important purpose to the environment. Participants will be allowed to get “hands-on” with several animals and all should walk away with a different view of these creepy critters.

Although promoted as seasonal, Creepy Critters is available year-round!

from left to right: Tarantula (variable species), Mystery Animal, Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, Emperor Scorpion, Snake (variable species), Norway Rat
Actual animals used in the program may vary slightly from those shown based upon availability.


What Animal Tales will need for the Creepy Critters program:
A Table is appreciated but not absolutely necessary. Animal Tales will bring all needed items for the program. We want to make it easy on you!