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Initially developed as part of a safety training program for Birmingham, Alabama firefighters and EMTs, Venom has become a popular educational program and Safety Meeting alternative. The topics discussed in this program provide the skills and knowledge necessary to identify and avoid these potentially deadly reptiles. Live venomous* and non-venomous native snakes are combined with a 45-60 minute long, interactive presentation to not only teach identification, but to also illustrate the skills necessary to evade or deal with a venomous snake bite.

Venom makes for an excellent teen or adult program.

*Venomous snakes are secured in a viewable, locked container and are not removed during the course of the program. Safety is our #1 concern! Although not recommended, Venom can effectively be taught without the use of live animals if your company’s policy requires.

(from left to right: Timber Rattlesnake, Western Cottonmouth, Southern Copperhead, Black Ratsnake, Black Kingsnake)
*Actual animals used in the program may vary slightly from those shown based upon availability.


Just a few of the many groups to take advantage of the Venom Program are: Black Warrior Methane,
Energen Resources, Hickman County Rescue Squad, YMCA of St. Louis
Alabama Power and numerous elementary schools.


What Animal Tales will need for the Venom program:
Your organization will need to provide a minimum of 1 Table and a Projection Screen to conduct the Venom Safety Program. We will provide the projector and all other necessary items.

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