Animal Tales Beliefs:
      • We believe in the 6 literal (24hr) Days of Creation
      • We believe in a young earth – biblically 6,000 years
      • We believe dinosaurs are a “beast of the field” therefore were created on Day 5
      • We acknowledge the lack of transitional species “missing links” in the fossil record
      • We believe in a cataclysmic world-wide flood that is evident in geology
      • We believe Darwinian Evolution is a theory not proven through experiment nor observation

Change over time. The theory stating that the gradual process by which the present diversity of plant and animal life arose from the earliest and most primitive organisms, which is believed to have been continuing for the past 3000 million years.


The belief in the biblical account of the beginnings of the Earth, life, and humanity as described in the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis.

Theistic Evolution

A false concept that asserts that biblical teachings about God are compatible with the modern scientific understanding about biological evolution. Simply, the belief that God used evolution to create life.

Charles Darwin

1809-1882. Darwin was the first of the evolutionary biologists, the originator of the concept of natural selection. His principal works, The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection (1859) and The Descent of Man (1871) marked the scientific beginning of evolution.


A branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms.


A segment of DNA that is the basic unit of heredity in a living organism. Genes hold the information to build and maintain an organism’s cells and pass genetic traits to offspring.


Occurs when a DNA gene is damaged or changed in such a way as to alter the genetic message carried by that gene. (e.g. cancer)


Established around 1841, the word dinosaur represents a mostly extinct reptile group that were created on Day 5 of the creation week. Often referred to in history and Bible as dragons.


Any remains, impression, or trace of a living organism.

Radiocarbon Dating

A chemical analysis used to determine the age of organic materials based on their content of the radioisotope carbon-14; believed to be reliable to +/- 40,000 years.

Transitional Species

Popularly termed “missing link”. A species of animal that is intermediate between two different species of animal. (e.g. Archaeopteryx)


Evolution on a large scale extending over geologic era and resulting in the formation of new taxonomic groups.


Genetic variation that is observable often due to environmental changes.


One of the many small platelike dermal or epidermal structures that characteristically form the external covering of fishes, reptiles, and certain mammals.


The structures forming the principal covering of birds, consisting typically of a hard, tubular portion attached to the body and tapering into a thinner, stemlike portion bearing a series of slender, barbed processes that interlock to form a flat structure on each side.

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